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The Story Behind the Carer's Diary

    I have created this blog to share with you the trials and tribulations of caring for my partner Coverley, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. My diary is my trusted and loyal companion.  A friend that is happy to listen for hours on end. My first diary was an inexpensive one that I got from the local dollar shop. It helped me to plan each day so as to survive the chaos and confusion that had invaded and engulfed our home.   It was the first thing I turned to when I got up each morning.   It was a reminder to me of the ever increasing visits to doctors, specialists, dentists and hearing check-ups.   Sneakily, more and more of the every day jobs were becoming mine so these were added in the diary too.   As dementia's grip tightened, reminders of social engagements and activities were almost non-existent in the diary.   Where did all the friends go?   When did they go?   I was beginning to feel resentful, so I began using my diary like a journal.   Writing in