Recognising Carers

Recognising Carers

Caregivers are often the casualties, the hidden victims. No one sees the sacrifices they make.   - Judith L London

We cannot praise or appreciate caregivers enough.

During the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 our carers and nursing personnel were the one bright light in the tunnel of darkness. The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic opened our eyes to their strength, selflessness and dedication.

They never faltered in the face of adversity or desperation.  Their capacity to bestow comfort, hope and encouragement upon the suffering whilst administering a healing touch is akin to holiness.  

Carers do it hard.  Very hard.  They are champions.

Family and personal caregivers are living the life of the person they are caring for.

Even though they are truly privileged to be entrusted with the care of a vulnerable person there is no denying that this challenging role can be as disheartening and frightening as it is rewarding.

Often carers find themselves thrusted on the caregiving path without warning.
There isn't an opportunity for a gentle transition from their familiar life into their unknown and uncertain future.  

Caregivers have had to give up their own dreams, jobs and time spent with family and friends to navigate the caregiver journey.  

The caregiving journey can teach us many lessons and new skills and one of the lessons that I have learnt is that it is impossible to straddle two worlds, especially two worlds that are rapidly spinning out of control.
Coverley's dementia meant that our lives would never be the same again.  He was dependent on me for support but I was ignorant and lacking in any knowledge of dementia.

I had to learn to let go of the struggle of holding onto my past world so that I could be present to explore and embrace the changing scenery of a rocky new world.  

For the family caregiver if you have the discipline to plan ahead, it is possible to reinvent your days and make this new world a comfortable one for yourself and your loved ones to live in by applying some self-care practices or activities.


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